Stephen Leather Radio Shows

In 1984, bestselling author Stephen Leather was a financial journalist working for the Glasgow Herald in Scotland. He also presented a radio show concentrating on business matters for Radio Clyde. The show, The Leather Look, examined Scottish industries and business sectors. Stephen Leather wrote, produced and presented a total of 19 show before leaving Scotland to work for the Daily Mirror in London. The shows are:


1 – Stephen Leather examined Scotland’s main aviation hub, Glasgow Airport.


2 – Stephen Leather got to grips with Silicon Glen, the nickname for the high tech sector of Scotland.


3 – Stephen Leather took a look at Scotland’s shipbuilding sector, once the backbone of the country’s industrial base.


4 – Scotland has always had its own financial system, and it prints its own banknotes. Stephen Leather took a look at the Scottish banking system


5 – Stephen Leather looked at Irn-Bru, Scotland’s other national drink, the top-selling soft drink in the country.


6 – Stephen Leather examined the Music Business, including an interview with Lloyd Coyle, recorded not after the album Rattlesnakes was released.


7 – Stephen Leather looked at the Scottish Advertising sector.


8 – Stephen Leather put the Electricity business under the microscope and visited a nuclear power station.


9 – Stephen Leather examined the Scotch Whiskey business, which accounts for 85pc of Scotland’s food and drinks exports,


10 – Stephen Leather put the Scottish Development Agency under the microscope. The agency played a big part in developing the country’s hi-tech industrial base following the decline of Scotland’s traditional industries.


11 – Stephen Leather examined the Restaurant Business, where there are traditionally more failures than successes.


12 – Stephen Leather looked at what it takes to run a football club, with a visit to Glasgow Rangers.


13 – Stephen Leather took a serious look at the business of Comedy.


14 – Stephen Leather visited John J Lees, an iconic feature of the Scottish confectionary industry for generations.


15 – Stephen Leather put the Holiday business under the microscope.


16 – Stephen Leather looks at Scottish success stories – businesses that have made it big on the world stage.


17 – Universities are now big businesses, but back in 1984 they were only just coming to terms with their role as revenue-earners. Stephen Leather took a look at Glasgow University’s balance sheet.


18 – Stephen Leather looked at the Scottish Exhibition Centre in Glasgow.


19 – Stephen Leather examined the property development business in Scotland.